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Crazy Time Bangladesh: Easy-to-follow Steps & Winning Principles

A live casino game created recently by Evolution Gaming quickly rose to the top of the list of exciting options available at MCW Casino. In the 2020 gambling category, this live slot game named Crazy Time was unveiled at the ICE convention in London, Great Britain. 

In addition to being entertaining, Evolution Gaming asserts that the cost of the Crazy Time game was justified. Its development took more than a year and cost a sizable sum of money. 


The full game guide and the online casino where you can play will subsequently be shown to you in this page.

How to play Crazy Time Live in Bangladesh?

When you first sign up for Crazy Time Live, you will see a vibrant game board with a huge wheel in the middle. The game host spins the wheel after each participant places a wager. 

There are 54 sections with 1, 2, 5, and 10x bet multipliers. Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Crazy Time and Pachinko are 4 of the mini games that can often appear on the wheel.

If you wish to bet on these mini games, The betting area can be found beneath the wheel and where it features a variety of boxes. You can wager on the coin flips of 1, 2, 5, and 10, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, and Crazy Time. A player has the option to bet  on both the bet multipliers as well as the mini games and bonuses.

To start with, the players will have the window time to cast their wagers. One of the bet multipliers or mini games on the wheel receives a random multiplier (between x2 and x50) once a wager is placed by a slot machine located above the wheel. The game host will spin the wheel simultaneously.

The Crazy Time Live – Bangladesh side games

Cash Hunt Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time are three of the four bonus games that are entirely different from one another. All these games are common and offered by Top Online casinos in Bangladesh.

Cash Hunt

If you are fortunate enough to receive the Cash Hunt bonus, which is quite infrequent, the game presenter moves to another slot machine in the space. 

With all 108 multipliers scattered about, it resembles a shooting gallery. The random multiplier for each part is typically between x5 and x500. Avoid trying to win a multiplier by observation because every game’s portions are combined, making it impossible to determine its value.


Same with the Cash Hunt bonus, Pachinko type of bonus appears at least two times on the wheel. Hidden underneath the wheel is a pachinko mini-game. Therefore a vertical purple line containing 16 boxes can be seen where a player can wish to put the wager.

There is room for random multipliers and, with any luck, one or more “double” symbols. On the ascending stairs, Crazy time Bangladesh host throws a puck from the top of the wall. It hit the spike, and then bounced off it before landing in one of the boxes. 

The appropriate bet multiplier wins. All multipliers are doubled in the event of a double, and the puck is then launched once more. 

Coin Flip

The fundamentals of the coin flip are heads and tails. Coin Flip is located in the same room on a different slot as other bonus games. The item that determines whether you receive one of the two multipliers or not is the two-sided coin with the blue and red sides.

Crazy Time Bangladesh

The top bonus in this game of the same name is Crazy Time Live. You’ll see that it only appears once on the wheel. The host of the game will lead you behind the red door on the right side of the stage when this bonus appears. You’ll find a fantastic universe with a massive wheel at its center that is fit for the best theme parks. When compared to it, the host is like an ant! 

Three colors are displayed on the top of the wheel, and you must select one of them. The wheel also has double and triple symbols in addition to the bet multipliers.

How to play Crazy Time in Bangladesh

  1. Select the arrow’s color. Your future multiplier amounts will be determined by it. You have the normal 10 seconds to finish it.
  2. View the Crazy Time wheel being spun by the host. Then it will stop, and you will see that you have won. Simply divide your deposit by the sum.
  3. The Pachinko-like game Crazy Time Bangladesh has a similar feature: after landing on a Double or Triple sector, the Crazy Time wheel will spin once more, applying x2 or x3 to the Top Slot, accordingly.

Ways to win Crazy Time in Bangladesh

Even those who are completely addicted to the game nevertheless desire to succeed financially. However, keep in mind that since the game is entirely dependent on chance or unpredictability, predicting the sector is unrealistic unless you are a seer. 

Yet, there are a few strategies you may use at Crazy Time Casino to increase your chances of winning. These three tactics will guarantee safer and, more importantly, superior Crazy Time outcomes. However, not even they can ensure winnings of 100%.

Loss Limitation

You should hedge your bets to accomplish this. For instance, wager on four bonuses at once as well as the numbers 10, 2, and 5. You will be rewarded when the wheel stops at one of the boxes as a result of balancing the amounts on the various boxes. Additionally, if you want to increase your winnings after a win, you can double your wager. This technique requires even minimal wagers across all parts.

Bet on a Number

You only place bets on one number as part of the strategy. You increase your chances of winning by wagering more frequently on it. In fact, statistics show that the number 2 appears on the wheel quite frequently. Therefore more likely to fail and turn you into a victor. The remaining numbers 5, 10, and 1 are undoubtedly present, although less frequently.

However, betting just on bonus games would also be a wise move because they are usually profitable.

Mega Casino World offers Crazy Time Live

The Evolution Gaming game Crazy Time Live is now available on the Mega Casino World online casino platform. 

MCW is one of the most well-known and reliable platforms in Bangladesh. Visit mcwexchange.com to Register & Play Now.

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Refer A friend and get lifetime bonus up to 0.15%!

Refer A friend and get lifetime bonus up to 0.15%!

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